1. yesterday my flatmate’s cousin said that he thinks it’s okay for women to earn less than men. his argument was that an average woman has two children and ‘loses’ about 6 or 7 years by raising them, while men during that time can gain a lot of practice therefore their skills are more valued and more expensive. i srsly don’t understand how can anyone generalize this much and with obviously NO knowledge about the issue even let a horseshit like this leave his mouth. then he said that he hates feminism because it’s stupid, so that kind of explains the idiocy of his previous statement. unrelated BUT today he asked me if I know a band called Devendra Banhart. then he said that he never heard of a brand called Dior. and this may sound ridiculous but I was like, srsly dude what the fuck if wrong with you, you should maybe pull your head out of your ass. obviously he has never left Slovakia neither physically nor mentally. 


  2. today.

    I love taking photos of Lucia sleeping. she is so cute and innocent, I always wonder what she dreams about. we also ate beetroots for lunch, I never used to eat them, but they were really delicious. 


  3. The Room of an Artist

    "I just woke up from a dream, flashes of light still coming up to my mind. Something was different then, but too mixed up with reality, what I found, now, when I opened my eyes. My dreams are telling me that things have to be different."

    I took these pictures a while ago when M was visiting me at my place. this room belonged to one of my flatmates that no longer lives with us now. I always found his room very interesting although it was a real mess all the time. but it had some magic and sparkle in it. I knew that sooner or later he would move out, therefore I decided to take these pictures to keep that memory more vivid than just in my mind. the big table in the middle of the room was my favourite part. I would do that with mine too, if I was living in my room alone. the second part are all the eye-catching objects on it, and next to it, on the floor and windowsill. he loved playing guitar, drawing and he also made tattoos. when he didn’t have anyone to practice his tattooing on, he tattooed grapefruits and pomelos, which then eventually got rotten on his table and the room got a sort of decadent accent. I wouldn’t say we remained friends, because I don’t think we ever were. we say hi when we meet and he definitely was one of the impressive people living in our flat. [at the sixth photo there is a description of a dream that he once wrote after he woke up with his left hand. he was always very frustrated about the fact that his family forced him to write with his right when he was born left-handed. he thought that his art might have been better if he learned to use the proper hand when he was little.]


  4. series: LIGHT

    letting in the light, peephole after peephole — a bonewhite light, like death, behind all things. 

    ― Sylvia Plath, Insomniac


  5. Helene Schmitz’s photographs of Alabama trees covered in the leafy vine Kudzu. 

    “Strange Plants”

    (Source: carinethevenau.com, via pale-afternoon)


  6. "Sometimes I feel like I’m not solid. I’m hollow. There’s nothing behind my eyes. I’m a negative of a person. All I want is blackness, blackness and silence."
    — Sylvia Plath

    (Source: psych-facts, via fuckyeahexistentialism)


  7. euqinucat:

    I hope I am okay now. but I will live with a little bump on my on my arm knuckle for the rest of my life. but doctors said that it won’t affect my movability, so I guess I’m just gonna believe it. but I’m still scared to death. ah.. and sad.. I haven’t moved with the arm yet (well only a bit) since it was fixed for a whole month. I don’t feel it like my own arm at all now, it’s like some strange flesh that belongs to someone else, but hurts me when it moves. it is so weak and incoordinate, I just sooo hope it’ll get better with some exercise.  

    I’m reblogging my own post, because it’s been a year from the accident and this rontgen photography is still stuck to my window in brno. I haven’t been on a bicycle since and always when I think about it I make up some really scary shit in my mind, like I’m gonna slip and fall on a wet road or a tram hits me or something like that. I don’t think this will be forever [I hope], I definitely want to ride a bike again sometime. the doctors were quite right about the movability, it’s more than okay, but I still feel differences between right and left arm. also, sometimes it cracks in certain positions and it’s weather sensitive. 


  8. at 9AM this morning I woke up because my bedside lamp was suddenly on and shining into my face. it was the most beautiful experience to find out that we have electricity again. I don’t mind showing that I’m really happy about it, because nowadays I consider it to be a necessity, rather than addiction. so, I’m really glad. I also plan on doing some photoprojects with / related to light, now when I am somehow more aware of its presence, beauty and importance. today I also feel like digging into my old old photos and finding some jewels, so I’ll definitely post something out of that later. but, first things first, I seriously need the longest bath ever right now. 


  9. spaces.

    what I like most about roaming around the city is looking for these hidden places in between buildings that aren’t normally visible to human eye, unless you live in the building and see them from your apartment, or you find a café that has a view into one of them. today I found this one on česká in Paneria. afterwards I went to Atlas for a latte and this beautiful cake with mascarpone and raspberries. now I’m still sitting here, reading a bit of Walt Whitman and drinking raspberry-ginger lemonade. I think I’ve spent way too much money today. but I still don’t know what to do next and I don’t want to go home soo so much. 


  10. I’m charging all my devices again in the library and it’s really calm here. my friend once said that this is the only place [or one of few places] in brno where you are totally isolated from the busy and noisy streets full of cars and trams. I am going to make a list of books that I need for the first week of school and borrow them. then I’ll probably go for a lunch to Oaza, because this banana hasn’t satisfied me. I am also thinking of some films to download - therefore if anyone reading this has some tips, please let me know. yesterday I was watching a b/w film from 2012 called Frances Ha. my friend recommended it to me and once I saw Adam Driver in the trailer I had to see it. and I really liked it!


  11. yesterday, when I was coming back from the study room I met the cutest couple of gays at the bus stop. I looked at one of them and he looked at me, and we both started to smile at each other really nicely and then the smiles escalated into mutual laughter and he said “oh girl, you’re so cute!” and then the other asked if the seat next to me was free and I said “sure it is”. and he sat down and offered me a sip from his Desperados tequila beer. I said didn’t want but it was so nice of him. and then the other said “don’t drink it, he has a syphilis. no I’m just kidding, he doesn‘t” and the other one said “no, no I am a healthy boy”. then there was one girl sitting on the bench and one of the boys looked at her and said “oh girl that hair color is just great, it really suits you!” I totally LOVED how easily they talked to strangers without being awkward or annoying. I wish I could do that too. Then the girl started to pull out a pack of pink slim cigarettes and one of the boys said to the other “oh look she has the cool kiss pink slims” and then to her “would you like.. sell us two of them.. for fifteen crowns lets say?” and she replied “I’ll give them to you if you have a lighter”. They exchanged the stuff and then the tram came and we all got on. the boys got off at the same tramstop as I and as they were disappearing in the darkness around the corner I saw them holding hands. I was smiling all the way home. 


  12. I bought this new lipliner today. it’s super cool and super matte. ololo


  13. I went to school with some really wonderful people but I also was friends with people that I now see and am so disgusted by them, so glad I left, I have just consistently been horrified by what they say, they make jokes about hate crimes, about rape and sexual abuse, so many of them talk about abuse victims struggles not being valid, they’re openly racist, their idea of a costume is wearing the traditional dress of cultures from around the world as accessories and can’t acknowledge why that is damaging, they’re blatantly sexist and can’t accept a woman owning her sexuality, but can accept men objectifying her as a simple sex object? they participate in harmful stereotypes of minorities, they don’t care for the LGBTQ community unless it is young, white, gay men??? I can think of a whole other list of things people I was friends with have said that makes me so disgusted / angry (source: shygesture.tumblr.com)

    // I just wanted to add that these are totally my exact feelings about certain people from high school.


  14. photographs in words.

    an hour ago I went to the non-stop study room of our university to recharge my notebook and my phone. I took my camera with me and wanted to make some night shoots of the city. on the way I realised that my camera’s battery is also dead, therefore i decided to created a new kind of photography - photographs in words. 

    1. it is a house, with about 5 floors, but none of them are really visible because of the darkness. except for one little window that from my angle seems like a child’s room. as I was standing relatively close, I was capable of seeing most of the room’s interior. it wasn’t very messy, but just untidied enough to glow the atmosphere of home that I don’t feel from out flat these days. the light was soft and warm, the only thing missing was perhaps a person occupying this little space. 

    2. as I was passing some very ugly, dirty, yet typically czech restaurant, I saw bushes. these were nothing special as far as bushes in brno are concerned, and if planted in different location I would maybe not notice them at all. they were right next to a busy crossroad, but surprisingly relatively clean and fresh with no dirt from cars constantly passing by. what caught my attention the most was the blueish street light that was falling on the plant’s leaves and giving them kind of sick, alienated and urban look. [I miss this photo not being taken the most]

    3. About five male perverts commenting on me on my way to the city. I probably would not take photos of these people, since they were neither interesting as objects, nor the taking photos of idiotic strangers seems appropriate to me.

    4. At the traffic lights near česká I met three people. one that I recognized was a music critique that once scolded me and Martin for not being quiet during the performance in philharmonic orchestra. the other two were a couple that I didn’t know. however the girl knew the critique and started a little smalltalk with him. after their ways parted, the couple was walking behind me and talked: 

    he: who was that

    she: that was one local music critique that I know..

    he: music critique? that still exists? 

    she: yes it does

    he: didn’t know..

    … afterwards I arrived to the study room and met one of the phd students from our department that also has a blog here on tumblr and is reportedly a sort of expert on virginia woolf. the next thing is that the owner of one local bar where my flatmate works apparently has a very weird crush on me and he is constantly asking me out on dinner or drinks. and I am really not the type of person who loves refusing people but in cases like this when it’s necessary, I really struggle with words to be very clear and still kind of polite.


  15. today in the morning our electricity stopped working. later I found out that my flatmate who is responsible for paying it forgot to pay one check three months ago. so we have no electricity, no internet connection, no hot water. and I must say that it really pisses me off because nobody’s at home, everyone went to Slovakia and there is seriously nothing to do. at the moment, I’m sitting in a bar, but I’ll have to leave soon, ‘cos I’ve already finished my salad and have no more money to spend. this shit is really fucked up, I hope my battery will last one film before sleep at least.