2. a few moments that I captured at this year’s pohoda festival. me and my dearest people, bands and pleasures.


  3. when you go to a bar in a small town like mine, it is very likely that you’re gonna meet someone you know. it more or less always happens. however, I didn’t expect to meet M [a boy in both photos] and I haven’t seen him in like a year or maybe even more. so I was definitely surprised, in a positive kind of way. 

    the next truth is, that when you go to a non-stop bar [preferably with gambling machines] it is very likely that you’re gonna meet some of the local dope and meth fiends. after we got kicked out of the “normal” bar, we had to go to a non-stop, because the first bus from TS to TA leaves at 5:22. the people I’ve seen there, it’s unbelievable, almost epic [not in a good way, if there is epic in a bad way, this was it]. one of those people was even a dealer for the whole town, however from what I’ve learnt from The Wire, dealer should never be using, so he manages to see the whole situation with sober mind.

    anyways, me and M waited until the first bus home and M sweetly fell asleep on my arm while the sun was rising. 


  4. tonight I had a dream in which I had a boyfriend. it’s weird because this person was no one particular that I know or even that I have seen before. he took me to the top of some hill where there was a huge lake with really clear water and there were giant turtles swimming in it. it was all magical and out of this world (also counting on the fact of having a boyfriend). now I feel like I was really connected to this person and I want him to be in my reality. this time of my life is very strange and also kind of sad. I moved from the city back to my parent’s place for the summer and all the people my age, my friends and all are away - either in the capital or in czech, france, austria or germany. I feel so disconnected from everything and everyone, I feel like I’m not able to do anything productive or worthwhile. I was in a contact with this boy really intensively, but then it fell apart and now I’m literally not talking to anyone but my parents, which are (mostly) quarrels and shit.


  5. I had my graduation ceremony yesterday. the weather was really hot, almost unbearable. but anyways, I eventually got my diploma, and my mother bought me these magnificent flowers that are probably the prettiest I’ve ever had. she also took the first photo with Ivan in front of the red church and afterwards I bought these four books in the bookshop (Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Sons and Lovers, Mrs Dalloway and Jane Eyre). I am back at home now, it’s raining outside, so I’m gonna have a tea with honey, a fluffy blanket and I’m gonna start with Sons and Lovers by D.H. Lawrence.


  6. I took these photos today after having a shower.


  7. today’s another rainy and foggy day. the light is great, the temperature likewise. I woke up at 1:30PM, because I was obsessively watching The Wire for the whole night until 4AM. in the morning I granted myself these lovely cupcakes with mascarpone frosting and red currants for breakfast. I also took this photo of the view from our flat, that I have already taken a thousand times before, but I just love it and my camera simply can’t resist those cold smoking woods. I’m probably going to pick cherries to my grandmother’s garden tomorrow, I’m kind of looking forward to it. life is nice at the moment, although I had an argument with the boy I like, so I’m gonna have a latte and think about the right way of smoothing the things with him. x


  8. a few days ago I was at the dentist after a very long time. so long that the childish fear of doctors managed to grow into fear of an adult.. or decline, because I felt more comfortable with the situation. she was making one single tooth for an hour and a half. really long time tho, she is very precise. now I feel like I have a little work of art, a statue in my mouth. it also feels strange, I forgot that feeling of ‘something new’ in my mouth. unconsciously, my tongue constantly licks and investigates the new surface from all angles over and over. I guess it will take some time.

    recently I have also been to Brno again, for my admission exams. I’ve been accepted to two quite similar study fields, yet I still don’t know how to decide, or what is the right decision to make. right for me now, or my future self. I have my graduation ceremony on 16th, therefore I need to visit Brno again very soon. most probably my mother is also coming.

    very unexpectedly I got myself a summer job. I was at a bar with my friends and somehow many people that I know and haven’t seen for a really long time came in. so we joined our tables and chatted altogether. one of my friends asked me if I knew someone who knows English very well. I thought it was some kind of a joke because I expected him to know that I studied English for past three years (lol). so I told him that I graduated recently and that I know English pretty well. and he was surprised and thought I studied photography. then he asked if I can teach him English during summer and although I’ve never been a teacher I thought this was a good way to start - with someone I know - therefore the social anxiety boundary somehow disappears. so I started teaching him, we had two lectures so far and it was quite easy-going. 

    on the same day I got myself this job, I have also been to a barbecue party near the river and woods in our town. my former best male friend was there with his girlfriend that I have never met before. everything was going alright although there were just too many couples to suit my taste but it was still okay. until that friend called his girlfriend ‘sweetheart’ (instead of ‘Katarina’ which is her name) four times per 30 fucking seconds. and I was sitting near the fire and murmured to myself ‘if he says sweetheart one more time I swear I’m gonna kill myself’. too bad one of my other friends heard it and said it out loud so that everyone could hear (dickhead). everything got a bit awkward afterwards because those two looked at me like “omg u stupid bitch u totally don’t understand our love, u cynical old spinster shit” - or at least I felt that from the looks. so I left the place and went to the bar. 

    probably one of the greatest achievements - right after graduating - is tidying my room. I started a week ago and threw a real bunch of useless shit away and I still haven’t finished it. however, when I do, i’m gonna throw the old furniture away and bring my new beautiful white one in, I’m gonna paint the room white/grey and it will be just awesome, minimalist and sterile. 

    I have so much more to write down here but I’m really tired now. I need to start updating this sweet place of mine a little more often, so the posts are not that long and unattractive to read. good night for now.



    we are torn between nostalgia for the familiar and an urge for the foreign and strange. as often as not, we are homesick most for the places we have never known.


  10. I am bachelor of arts.


  11. long time no see. my semester ended. I’ve received an A for my BA thesis,  and I’ve written two essays and two tests for my state exams. I still don’t know the results from any of those, therefore I don’t know whether I passed or not. I’m quite sick of even thinking about not passing, so I’m gonna write about the few days I’ve been back home, in Slovakia. 

    the weather in Czech Republic was unbearable, seriously I am not used to so much heat all the fuckin day and even in the evening. at home it is much better, cloudy, with occasional sunlight and 18-20 degrees. I love it. on friday I went for a coffee with a boy I haven’t seen for almost a year. it was unusual and nice, I wanted to kiss him.. a bit. he has really pretty plump lips. but it wasn’t appropriate of course. yesterday I was making a smoothie and in the evening I went to the bar with my friends for couple hours. 

    all photos, except for the last two were taken today. I went to Poland with my mother. we had coffee at Costa Coffee and I bought jumper and earrings. it was a really nice day. now I’m sitting on my bed and listening to Lana Del Rey’s new album Ultraviolence and I’d like to see that boy again. I think/hope this summer will be nice.


  12. omgg exactly my feelz. byeee :D


  13. ohh baby I’m in love


  14. arrgghhhh state exams in six days, I’m freaking out. I’ve studied merely linguistics so far, which create only one of four parts. and I still think that after an hour I always forget everything that I have read. and I haven’t even touched literature, culture or CPE parts. fuuuuck. plus all my peers studying at different universities already had their state exams and they all passed. I don’t even want to imagine myself being the only loser who does not pass. bye


  15. past week of my life was very busy. last tuesday I had my german test, which was a crucial prerequisite for me attending my state exams. on thursday I had a rather easy exam from lexical skills and in the evening I went home to Slovakia for a weekend. it wasn’t really necessary to go there, plus I don’t have much time for such trips at the moment, however I needed to order a reading glasses because my left eye’s vision somehow worsened. so I did. and I also wanted to see one of my friends, whom I haven’t seen for a very long time, I think it’s almost a year. yet we’ve been communicating a lot lately and created some bond if I can put it that way. but we didn’t meet. on monday I went back to brno and  yesterday I had my german presentation, which was the second part of the exam. I passed the test, what incredibly surprised me and then I also passed the presentation. then I needed to finish my essay for english literature. I write about static and dynamic nature of people depicted in Evelyn Waugh’s Decline and Fall. in between writing that I started to study phonetics, phonology and linguistics for my state exams. there is literally SHITLOAD of various study materials, notes and sample tests and I have only 12 days to go. tomorrow I am gonna submit the essay and close my studies. I’ve gained about 195 credits throughout those three years and I belong to the 19% of the best students of english language and literature. which is not bad, but .. well, could have been better. but for better results I would probably have to reduce my level of procrastination. which I can’t imagine, since I’m procrastinating right now. now I’m gonna finish reading the glossary of linguistic terms, write the conclusion to my essay and eventually go to sleep.