1. Therefore they would often sit together, talking desultorily. What was really between them they could not utter. Their words were only accidents in the mutual silence.

    —D.H. Lawrence, The Rainbow

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  2. on thursday I came to prague to visit M. today I’m leaving back to brno, because I have school again tomorrow. it’s been a very nice stay and it was a relief to be out of the usual environment for a while and explore a new one. yesterday we were at the urban walk across the centre of prague and saw a lot of beautiful places. small alleys, green and unkempt courtyards, and above all really many silent places, which perhaps one would not expect in the capital’s centre. except for thursday, which invited me with a massive downpour, the weather was great, at least for me. it was a bit chilly, since it’s not summer anymore, but very sunny, which cheered me up a lot. on friday, we were in a local second-hand shop and bought some cool clothes for like 8 or 10 czech crowns. then we went to the local farmer’s market and bought pancakes and home-made cakes and quiches. it’s true that we’ve spent quite a lot of money this weekend [especially for the most expensive wine that I’ve had in my life.. ha ha], but for me it was totally worth it. afterwards we went to the most beautiful café I have ever been to, even though I can’t say I’ve visited millions of cafés in all big cities, I still think this one was quite extraordinary. it’s called EMA espresso bar and if I ever lived here, I could sit there for ages, just drinking coffee, reading books or doing my work. besides all this, we also watched a lot of downton abbey and ate crisps in bed, because that is always and undoubtedly an epic combination and well-spent evening. xx


  3. Prague #5 _ sunny morning


  4. my dear babe and her beautiful face with projected colorful lights on it. I took this photo yesterday evening right after the light show near the national gallery in prague. and I love it!


  5. PRAGUE #4 _ rural walks


  6. PRAGUE #3 _ urban walks, pissed pavement, lost kittens and delicious food


  7. PRAGUE #2 _ EMA espresso bar


  8. PRAGUE #1 _ soft light


  9. we were at a gallery yesterday. there was an exhibition of Vladimir Kokolia’s work. many of the paintings were really nice and I also liked the space of the gallery. I mean it’s minimal and white/grey like mot of them, but I was pleased, because I’ve never been in any for a longer time. we also had some red wine from shot plastic glasses. then we went to a little newly opened café in the city centre (šestá větev), which I would probably never discover by myself, so I’m happy to know about it. and another thing I am happy about is the weather, which is for 15th of October and this geographic are still very warm. yesterday it was 20 degrees and it was really hot outside and the city was sunny and alive.


  10. I hate myself for being silent and non-active here on my blog. but let me just figure out how to manage doing two uni fields simultaneously and moreover having a life. I guess it’s just about time management and getting into it, which I haven’t figured out yet. I’ve been at home this weekend and it was really nice. and I am going to Prague on thursday and will stay there till sunday. I think that will be great, I hope I’ll have fun and make some nice photos with M. 


  11. I am so sad today. for no reason. or perhaps just because I am home alone and I think I don’t have any true friends in brno left. I have no one to go places with. almost all of my flatmates went to some bullshit pole dance event and then they are going to drink at one girl’s place. so I am alone here until tomorrow basically. I just wept a bit.


  12. bubbosah said: you are a great photographer , i wish i was as talented as you , love you .

    thank you so much! you’re too sweet xx


  13. morning! today my diet allows pastry [wholemeal of course] for the first time. it was supposed to be served with honey and nuts, but I’m a bit nuts of the sweet breakfast for two weeks [hahaha I’m so funny]. so I rather went for the neutral taste. the best part of the breakfast was a fresh grapefruit juice. I squeezed two grapefruits and added a little water to it. and what pleases me the most is the aesthetics of this food, the juice matching with my pink plate from denmark! <3


  14. I don’t know where is it coming from, but certain men in my facebook friends appear to feel entitled to dictate how a profile photo should and should not look like. I don’t remember signing up for a top-professional criticism. once it’s like “oh yea that’s hot” and the other times it’s “oh girl you hadn’t had a hot photo here for some time, what are you gonna do about it?” or “jesus christ that is a gross photo why don’t you go and change it”. srsly what the fuck. why do some people feel so important that they think that every photo that appears in front of their eyes in their fuckin newsfeed must be made especially for them, a gift that needs a commentary. sometimes I feel like deleting that stupid account. if the uni groups with my classmates weren’t there I would totally fuck off of that place. I am not even properly angry, I am just gazing at the screen, frowning and waving my hands like ‘what the hell’


  15. the last day of deregistering courses and making any possible changes in my timetable and after three years I’m still like whatthefuck should I keep this or should I leave it what if I fail oh no bye… like hello there I’m a little baby plz govern my lyf someone… ohoho I know I’m lunatic..