1. I don’t know where is it coming from, but certain men in my facebook friends appear to feel entitled to dictate how a profile photo should and should not look like. I don’t remember signing up for a top-professional criticism. once it’s like “oh yea that’s hot” and the other times it’s “oh girl you hadn’t had a hot photo here for some time, what are you gonna do about it?” or “jesus christ that is a gross photo why don’t you go and change it”. srsly what the fuck. why do some people feel so important that they think that every photo that appears in front of their eyes in their fuckin newsfeed must be made especially for them, a gift that needs a commentary. sometimes I feel like deleting that stupid account. if the uni groups with my classmates weren’t there I would totally fuck off of that place. I am not even properly angry, I am just gazing at the screen, frowning and waving my hands like ‘what the hell’


  2. the last day of deregistering courses and making any possible changes in my timetable and after three years I’m still like whatthefuck should I keep this or should I leave it what if I fail oh no bye… like hello there I’m a little baby plz govern my lyf someone… ohoho I know I’m lunatic..


  3. I love secretly capturing moments, when people don’t expect them to be captured. the smoke looks always so pretty in our kitchen, almost more beautiful than in Falk’s smoking room. I don’t smoke, in fact I’ve never even tried, so I have no idea how it tastes. but I have some weird obsession with collecting ashtrays [and maybe I’ve confessed with this before, I’m also forgetful as hell] and this one is the most gorgeous that I’ve brought home so far. I am supposed to go for a walk with Luc and her sister that is visiting us this weekend, but we’ve eaten tons of spinach spaghetti that I just can’t move. and I really hate myself for it [a bit] cos I know how badly I wanted a walk yesterday. 


  4. everything is a version of something else.


  5. I am so tired. I mean, not physically but I am just tired of doing things and thinking and preparing what am I going to do. and I would really like to eat cheese with fries at the moment. I would also like to go out with someone. just a regular walk through the streets, but I hate going alone, because I can’t walk slowly when I’m alone, so it seems that I’m constantly rushing somewhere. I also have two free tickets for henry lee fest that is today [I don’t know a single band playing there], but I probably won’t go, bc I have no one to go with. sometimes my life just seems so peopleless and useless. I am not in a depression or anything, I am just so so tired. 


  6. my personal collection of sleepy / bed photos of me taken on photo booth. apparenty, it is my favourite pose.. ha ha


  7. “I love that sweet smell of decay that surrounds me in forests and woods. A kind of mulchy, deep, rich rot that has no connotation of death or ending, but rather of life and age. A sense of perpetual destruction and rebirth.”

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  8. today I learned two things. first that there is the most beautiful, the softest and calmest cat in the building G backyard. I was sitting next to it and cuddling it for a few minutes, but sadly then I had to go to the lecture. I hope it’s living there or something and we’re gonna be cuddly besties. and the second thing, that even though I thought that it was impossible to read and analyse any text of eleven lines for 90 minutes, it certainly is possible when it’s Our Father written in the Old English. today was the first proper day at the uni, and by proper I mean that all of my courses at the Department of English and American studies have started. I was at school from 12:30 PM until almost 9 PM. I am seriously exhausted. and having Historical Development of English at almost 9 in the evening is really not a good idea. my brain was still somewhere between all the french and german philosophers taught at the previous lecture. but despite my tiredness, I am really glad the school’s back, every single lecture was pretty great and inspiring in its own way. now I am in the mood for some of the Xavier Dolan’s films. french calms me down. and tea with honey also does the work..


  9. aseaofquotes:

    Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

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  10. this is such an incredible man, I wish I could know him..


  11. what I really don’t like about living with too many people is that when one gets sick, in a few days every single person in the apartment gets sick as well. this time it was jakub, and I specifically told him to stay at home in bed, so he can get well as soon as possible an avoid spreading the illness. but ofc he was partying, drinking and smoking like hell. now, we are all sick. the school properly starts tomorrow and I’m gonna be there with a sore throat and a scarf. I’m really fucking happy lol..


  12. yesterday my flatmate’s cousin said that he thinks it’s okay for women to earn less than men. his argument was that an average woman has two children and ‘loses’ about 6 or 7 years by raising them, while men during that time can gain a lot of practice therefore their skills are more valued and more expensive. i srsly don’t understand how can anyone generalize this much and with obviously NO knowledge about the issue even let a horseshit like this leave his mouth. then he said that he hates feminism because it’s stupid, so that kind of explains the idiocy of his previous statement. unrelated BUT today he asked me if I know a band called Devendra Banhart. then he said that he never heard of a brand called Dior. and this may sound ridiculous but I was like, srsly dude what the fuck if wrong with you, you should maybe pull your head out of your ass. obviously he has never left Slovakia neither physically nor mentally. 


  13. today.

    I love taking photos of Lucia sleeping. she is so cute and innocent, I always wonder what she dreams about. we also ate beetroots for lunch, I never used to eat them, but they were really delicious. 


  14. The Room of an Artist

    "I just woke up from a dream, flashes of light still coming up to my mind. Something was different then, but too mixed up with reality, what I found, now, when I opened my eyes. My dreams are telling me that things have to be different."

    I took these pictures a while ago when M was visiting me at my place. this room belonged to one of my flatmates that no longer lives with us now. I always found his room very interesting although it was a real mess all the time. but it had some magic and sparkle in it. I knew that sooner or later he would move out, therefore I decided to take these pictures to keep that memory more vivid than just in my mind. the big table in the middle of the room was my favourite part. I would do that with mine too, if I was living in my room alone. the second part are all the eye-catching objects on it, and next to it, on the floor and windowsill. he loved playing guitar, drawing and he also made tattoos. when he didn’t have anyone to practice his tattooing on, he tattooed grapefruits and pomelos, which then eventually got rotten on his table and the room got a sort of decadent accent. I wouldn’t say we remained friends, because I don’t think we ever were. we say hi when we meet and he definitely was one of the impressive people living in our flat. [at the sixth photo there is a description of a dream that he once wrote after he woke up with his left hand. he was always very frustrated about the fact that his family forced him to write with his right when he was born left-handed. he thought that his art might have been better if he learned to use the proper hand when he was little.]


  15. series: LIGHT

    letting in the light, peephole after peephole — a bonewhite light, like death, behind all things. 

    ― Sylvia Plath, Insomniac